« Integrated Group » is preparing to sign contracts for 22 million pounds

Osman : compete on the third line of the Metro combinations and are planning to storm the buildings of metal structures market in the GulfAfter 11 months without limitation any company Nile Stock Exchange , last week « Integrated Group for engineering works » joined the list of companies registered with « Nilex » .Tamer Osman , the company's chairman , said that « Integrated Group » plans to increase the volume of business and the contracts signed by the end of current for 17 million pounds , compared with 12 the previous million year, up 42% , pointing out that the contracts signed size since the beginning of the company's work in 2006 until this year, up to 60 million pounds.
The head of the Governing Council of the Integrated Group , said that his company is currently competing on the set of tenders , including the tender for the third metro line engineering structures , the company has made an offer worth 10 million pounds to win the tender , is expected to decide in all these tenders during the next two months .He added that among the projects that compete by his company , business combinations for the two power plants in Helwan , made ​​an offer worth 10 million pounds , in addition to the youth power plant combinations in Damietta Governorate .. and made ​​an offer worth up to 5 million pounds.Among the most prominent projects carried out by the company , the construction work of the Special rail b « Mall of Arabia » , where he grabbed the implementation of 40% , including an investment cost of 4.5 million pounds.
Swedish » also participated in the construction of « Banha Power Station » Business investment cost of 4 million pounds.He revealed a contract his company recently on business combinations b « Egypt Mall » 6th of October City in front of Media Production City -sized business of 15 million pounds , as currently % completed 10 of those acts , in cooperation with the National Industries Company Hodeidah to supply the necessary raw materials .« Osman » He added that his company participated in the completion of the second and third phases Electricity October 6 station , in conjunction with the company « Orascom Construction Industries » , a type of quick power plants , as well as combinations in the North Giza station took more than three years , is expected to be completed by the end of this month . The volume of its eight million pounds.
He pointed to his company's interest in the work of the power plants and metal buildings for commercial Bmolat combinations , as completed the construction and building of power plants the size reached 15 million pounds works , while the size of the company's business in the malls reached 20 million pounds.Osman said that his company is targeting expansion in the Gulf markets, the second phase of its future plans , to spread the culture of metal structures in the Gulf , while attributed the lack of availability of this form of buildings in Egypt to the high construction costs compared to the premises of the cement .He added: « the use of iron in buildings more accurate and flexible .. Dealing with iron is the unity of measure « milliseconds » , unlike cement , which is being dealt with unit measure « cm » , in addition to ease of dismantling the roofs of buildings to enter any equipment unlike dealing with buildings of concrete » .

He said that his company contracting with companies that provide them with what you need iron , the only company that specializes in the work of the fixtures.He pointed out that his company has a competitive advantage of high makes it more attractive for companies to invest , as it works in a different domain , is not widespread in Egypt , and do not work with only three companies only . And « Integrated Group » one of the three .The Integrated Group for engineering works , has applied for registration in the Nile Stock Exchange during the month of May but has been delayed .. recorded , as a result of a request for additional documents and disclosures and to require the company to submit budgets for the past two years , as well as for the current year .Were accepted under the company last Wednesday , with a capital source 3 million pounds , divided into 15 million shares with a nominal value of 20 piasters per share .. The company « White House » took into account the limitation of his company.